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What is elearning?


Elearning. Distributed learning. Distance education. Computer based training. Online learning. And the list grows...

So, what is elearning? Very simply, elearning is utilizing technology to increase the effectiveness and accessibility of learning. This may include CD ROMs, or a discussion thread to enrich a regular classroom, or a course delivered completely online. All other terms related to learning are subsets of elearning.

Elearning is the use of any type of technology in improving learning. At it's most basic level, it is email...at it's most advanced, it is an online course (or simulation, or virtual reality, or...well, you get the point)


How elearning works
This site offers a good overview of what elearning is, benefits, planning for it, and some tips to get started.

E-Journey on E-Learning
"This e-journey is a free guide to e-learning. E-learning is explained, the major fields of expertise are explored, gurus and experts are listed and a comprehensive range of links is provided."

Elearning Primer
From the Boston Elearning Association. Provides an informative overview of the size and scope of education market segments, as well as the role of each in education.

What is elearning?
From Jay Cross of Internettime. Great site detailing different aspects of elearning, with strong corporate representation. Well worth the visit.

What is elearning?
"These are some very general resources on e-learning to help you understand what it is and its potential in education and training." Excellent!

Explaining E-Learning to Executives
"Getting management's support for e-learning is tough. This excerpt from Darin Hartley's book, Selling E-Learning, outlines the major elements you'll need to construct a winning business case for your e-learning initiatives."

Newcomer's Centre
Also from eCLIPSE. Thorough, complete introduction to elearning, complete with examples. If you only visit one site...

Web Based Learning Resources Library
Great listing of elearning-related concepts.

elearning Basics
"Eureka! You've just found over 60 practical, "How To" articles to ensure your e-learning efforts are a success."

An Overview of Online Learning


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