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Starting with Technology


For many, technology is intimidating. The acronyms, obscure, complicated terms, and overwhelming speed at which new concepts are added - can be restrictive to instructors new to online learning.

While elearning is (or at least should be) about learning first (and technology second), instructors need at least a functioning understanding of what technology is, does, and its limitations. Getting started, however, can seem like a HUGE obstacle. The resources listed on this page are basic, introductory resources and tutorials on various components of technology - networks, software, images, multimedia, web basics, etc.

Getting started with technology is much harder than staying current. Once a base has been built, it is easier to add on new terms and concepts. Instructors should not be expected to know the full range of technology concepts - but they should know enough to develop and create the courses and interactions that make elearning successful. They don't have to know the "how" of technology...only the "what".


Technology Tutorials for Teachers
Links to extensive resources and tutorials.

An excellent starter resource on web concepts, communicating, multimedia, peripherals, utilities, etc.

PBS - Teachersource
Wide variety of tutorials and resources - software, Internet, plugins, authoring, HTML, PowerPoint, etc.

Teaching with Technology Tutorials
"Tips for making the most of technology in your classroom, school, and district. We show you constructive and practical applications of technology."

Learn the Net
Basic tutorials/resources

Good resource for staying on top of terms and acronyms.

Network Tutorial
Basic information on how networks operate. Very readable, easy to understand format.

Internet Tutorial
Covers basic Internet, researching, browsing.

See alsoTechnology Tutorials

Computer and IT Tutorial
Broad listing of IT focused tutorials.

"This tool describing eLearning - what it is, how it can be used, how you can get involved - has been developed as a result of a number of pilot projects supported by Scottish Enterprise."

HTML Goodies
Good place to start if HTML looks like Greek to you

In and Out of the Classroom - Microsoft.
Hold your breath...tutorial by Microsoft on Microsoft products.

Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial
Introduction to searching on the Internet

"The online space for teachers integrating technology into the curriculum"

"Education is undergoing a progression from traditional curricula to innovative and interactive learning. ACT360° Media Ltd. is addressing this issue by providing quality content and new methods of interaction through actDEN (Digital Education Network). With actDEN, teachers and parents can access timely content for classroom or home use, and introduce students directly to the Internet education experience."

Technology Competencies for Teachers
Lists competencies and tutorials.


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