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Elearning Readiness


Elearning readiness has many dimensions. Does the corporation have the needed software? Hardware? Which strategic objectives will the elearning initiative meet? Is the culture of the organization ready for elearning? Are the instructors? Are the profiled learners? Do managers support it and encourage its use? These are only a few of the issues facing managers attempting to bring elearning to a department/organization. The heart of elearning readiness has three parts: organization, instructor, and learner. An effective readiness evaluation should consider each component thoroughly.

Elearning readiness evaluation is one of the most critical stages of elearning in an organization. Decisions made at this level greatly impact the success of a project. If the learner, instructor, and organization needs have been profiled, the likelihood of success are much greater (...and the potential of reduced expenses due to not have to "redo" program components).


Readiness for Elearning
An excellent resource describing various areas to consider (organizational and individual).

Elearning Readiness Survey (.pdf)
20 question survey to assess organizational readiness to begin using elearning.

ElearningObjects Readiness Survey
Another survey...

Are You Ready for Online Learning
Questions to consider in determining your readiness.

Skilling up - learning about e-learning
"E-learning provides some exciting new possibilities for the training department, but to really take advantage of these will, in most cases, require a radical review of available competencies and an up-skilling programme aimed at the principle job roles of e-learning manager, developer and e-tutor. In this article, Clive Shepherd looks at the skills needed to make e-learning a success, at the issues involved in bringing these skills in-house..."

Web-Based Training Decision Aid
Considers learner/instructor readiness

A Strategic Planning Primer for Higher Education
"This article provides an overview of the strategic planning process. It is intended to help you understand the concept of strategic planning, the need for strategy in higher education, and the dynamics of the university-based strategic planning."
Ok, not directly related to readiness...but worth exploring. For elearning to work...it needs to be linked to the organizations broader goals.

Elearning Readiness Assessment (.pdf)
"This report, provided by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), provides an inventory and assessment of the 16 constituent campuses' technical readiness to implement a more coordinated approach to e-Learning."


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