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Elearning as a field is still young and rapidly evolving. The resources on this page will offer a broad overview of what elearning is, the organization of the industry, what's happening, where it's going, etc. This is like trying to hit a moving target. For resources and information to stay current, visit the resources listed on elearspace's home page - the blogs and newsletters are very effective at providing a glimpse of the rapidly evolving field of elearning.


Web Based Learning Resources Library
Great resources

Key Elements of an Online Program
"Many innovative instructors at institutions world-wide are discovering the potential of the online environment to deliver instruction of the highest quality to people who would otherwise have limited access to higher education. This is an exciting and challenging time in education. Online education is bringing collaborative learning to the forefront and is affecting the way traditional courses are taught as well."

Evolving Business Models in eLearning
Good resource - the diagram on page 2 (.pdf) does an excellent job of detailing technology evolution in elearning.

Is the Information Revolution Dead?
"At the peak of the Internet frenzy two years ago, when the Nasdaq was over 5,000 and dotcom millionaires were buying spreads in the hills above Palo Alto, it seemed that the information revolution would go on forever. Little tech companies were popping up everywhere, and small investors were reaping returns that made them feel like geniuses. Then the bubble burst. It burst, management guru Peter Drucker tells us, because "the information industry as a business wasn't going anywhere." The information revolution had been hyped, exaggerated. Neither computers nor the Internet, Drucker says, had added much to the economy."

Online Training in an Online World (.pdf)
Good research on the use of the Internet in teaching and learning.

14 Things Every CEO Should Know About Elearning
Good, quick read.

Been There, Done That: Notes on Developing WBT
"Implementing e-learning can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Here are lessons learned from someone who's been there."

Lessons Learned: Do You Have to Bleed at the Cutting Edge?
Overview of some important considerations for developing online resources.

Ten pennies for e-learning's wishing well
"One of the perks of being an analyst in the learning and training field is that I get to dream out loud about what is needed in our industry. And this is my wish list." by Elliott Masie


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