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Higher Education Elearning Sites


Elearning falls into three primary domains of use: corporate, higher education, and K-12. All three of these domains are a target market for quickly growing for-profit education providers.

Universities and colleges have a mandate beyond simply providing education. Research, neutrality, developing tomorrow's leaders, cultivating a breadth of learning...these all play a role in higher education. In contrast, most corporate learning is geared towards the development of a particular skill or task.

In order for higher education to survive and remain relevant, colleges and universities need to remain true to their existing purposes, while adjusting to meet the needs of today's learners. What does this involve? At the most basic level, universities need to maintain existing objectives (research, holistic education, etc.), but the process to achieve these needs to change. The notion of a "course" or a "program" needs to be evaluated. Concepts like personalized learning paths, prior learning assessment and recognition, and flexible learning are beginning to impact the way in which higher education facilities function. It is important to note that some of the main drivers of change in higher education are not only technology based. Many changes stem from the changing profile of today's student...and higher education must change to meet their needs.

Higher education will face significant challenges over the next five to ten years. The profile of a student has changed. Previously, college and university hallways were primarily populated with younger students (over-generalization, but largely true). The complexity of our society, and the need for life long learning has altered this profile. Today's student is no longer defined by age, but rather by the need, or desire, for learning to achieve personal goals.


Higher Ed, Inc: The Rise of the For-Profit University
"His position espoused here comes from decades of close observation of the mechanics, philosophies and struggles for solvency, successful and not so successful, within academia. Academia is faced with hard economic choices. These choices may not at all be the choices we thought we perceived as we gazed through the slits in our tower wall."

Columbia Interactive
"Welcome to Columbia Interactive, a gateway to e-learning resources
developed at Columbia University. The campus community, alumni, and people worldwide can now easily access all Columbia has to offer online."

"The Degree.net web site and its tie-in line of books were established to provide quality information on education, both traditional and nontraditional. We aim to be the number one source of honest, unbiased information on degree-granting institutions worldwide."

"eCollege is an eLearning software and services provider. Comprised of educators and technologists, eCollege partners with colleges, universities, schools and corporations to design, build and support high quality learning communities."

"Fathom is the premier destination for authenticated knowledge and online learning.
Fathom's member institutions present their immense wealth of knowledge across every area of interest--from business to global affairs, from arts to technology."

Finnish Virtual University
"This portal provides information about the on-line services offered by the Finnish Virtual University and by all the universities in Finland, specifically, on-line courses and support services that are available to students and instructors."

Illinois Online Network
Excellent resource site.

McGraw-Hill Ryerson - Higher Education
"Our mission is to provide higher education teachers with the premier resources they need to succeed."

Maryland Faculty Online
"Dedicated to serving Maryland's faculty, Maryland Faculty Online showcases Maryland's rich instructional resources--experienced and dedicated faculty, extensive Web sites devoted to instruction and technology, a collaborative spirit. Working together, we can share our understanding of online teaching and instructional technology, implement standards and good practices, and collaborate in the development of technology-based teaching materials."

NEA Higher Education
Excellent resource for higher education. Current articles and links to various organizations.

University of Illinois Online
Another example of higher education online learning site.

Higher education resource site - Australia.

Thomson Learning - Higher Education
"Whether you’re looking for online learning or traditional teaching materials, we have the solutions to meet your curriculum needs."


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