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Glossary & Dictionary


This resource page lists a variety of glossaries and dictionaries that I have found helpful. Elearning (and technology in general) is awash in acronyms and obscure terms. Relying on a glossary or dictionary can help to clarify some of the confusion.


Learning Circuits Glossary
One of the most comprehensive elearning glossaries available on the Internet.

Internettime Glossary
Offers more than only technical terms - covers a variety of educational concepts.

Learning Glossary
Definitions for learning concepts and theories.

I love this site...great dictionary of technical terms.

CETIS Encyclopedia
Resource focusing on learning standards terms.

Glossary of Internet & Web Jargon
Good overview of common web-related terms.

Learnativity - Terms & Buzzwords
Short list of terms...see also Learnativity - Acronyms.

Excellent resource for web developers...see also Webmonkey Glossary

Computing dictionary.


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