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Like the other other domains of the elearning industry (K-12 and higher education), corporate learning has unique needs and requirements. What are the unique needs of corporations? - immediate application, cost-effective, practical and contextual, granular (15 - 30 minutes per activity), ROI and results (see Kirkpatrick's four levels - reaction, learning, transfer, business results), and utilitarian - (i.e. learning as a means to advantages over competitors).

Corporations are currently among the largest users of elearning and technology mediated communications. The nature of today's corporate environment - evolving, highly competitive, global, and information-based - necessitates an approach to learning that is as dynamic as business climate. Elearning allows corporations to train large numbers of employees rapidly, without high costs associated with travel.

Corporations are starting to use elearning for it's strengths - as a means to rapidly communicate business-critical concepts to a large number of people. Increasingly, learning is viewed as a communication process to achieve business goals , not only as a "necessary expense".


"IDC is the world's leading provider of technology intelligence, industry analysis, market data, and strategic and tactical guidance to builders, providers, and users of information technology."

Training Supersite
Excellent site...great resource base.

"Founded in 1996, this consortium of Fortune 500 members shares best practices, new thinking and perspectives, and intellectual capital. Members use the LearnShare website to access leading e-Learning providers to bring uniform, advanced career development and training courses to their employees throughout the world. Members also share proprietary research results and collaborate to solve problems."

Corporate Elearning
Good site with a broad overview of corporate elearning issues. Covers: strategy & planning, infrastructure, design and development, facilitators/learners, evaluation/knowledge management.

Executive Education
Broad overview of executive education, courses, organizations, and publications.

The Business of Elearning
"Time is precious. Corporate eLearning that fails to advance the core business holds it back. The only metrics that matter are business metrics. This report addresses how an organization can apply networked learning to improve earnings and competitive advantage."

Why Does Corporate Elearning Fail?
Excellent article.

Cisco Elearning
Few companies have used elearning as aggressively as Cisco (or at least no one has marketed their experiences as well as Cisco...:)). Worth a visit.


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