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Wireless Internet access will be huge. More than any other emerging technology, wireless is driven by powerful forces - students, teachers, administrators want it, IT departments value its rapid installation (or do they? :)). When providers, users, and managers of a technology are all in agreement, the potential is enormous.

Cell phones were adopted more quickly than any other technology/new invention in history. The ease of use, the convenience, the connectivity, and the affordability of cell phones resulted in rapid social uptake. Wireless Internet holds the same promise - it is an extension of existing cell networks and it unties the Internet and email.

The stage has been set for wireless adoption. Social resistance has been dulled by the huge success of cell phones...and the Internet has become a part of the daily routine of millions of people.

By it's very nature, the Internet should be wireless - people should be able to connect anytime, anywhere, and have access to any information. Wireless fulfills the promise of the Internet - true connectivity and access.


The Big Question - 802.11 a or b?
This article provides an excellent overview of the differences between the two most popular wireless standards. A good list of criteria is offered for making decisions for selecting a or b.

802.11b - Overview
"In 2000, 802.11b became the standard wireless ethernet networking technology for both business and home. The WiFI organization was created to ensure interoperability between 802.11b products. With a realistic throughput of 2.5-4Mbps, it is fast enough for most network applications and tolerable for file transfers."

Wireless FAQ
"Definitions of terms and advice on getting started. If you're new to wireless technology, you should start here."

"HomeNetHelp.com is home computer networking and Internet connection sharing help for beginner and intermediate users. Product reviews that are easy to read, great tutorials, rebate lists, forums, diagrams and more."

Recipe for a Linux 802.11b Home Network
"My introduction to wireless networking was right here at O'Reilly Network, where our own Rob Flickenger has set up an 802.11b network spanning the three buildings that house the home offices of O'Reilly & Associates."

Excellent resource site for wireless.

Excellent links to a variety of wireless technologies and resources.

Lists a variety of wireless resources. Great site.

Wireless Design and Development
"The designers choice for wireless technology"

Wireless Developers Network
"Wireless Industry news & resources for developers and professionals alike!"

Wireless NewsFactor
Wireless news site.

Wireless news and resources.


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