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Voice Recognition


I was involved in an online course recently, and one of the components of the course was using text-based chats. Several students voiced significant frustration at their inability to express themselves using chat - their keyboarding skills were not as advanced as other students. So, their ideas trailed behind as the more skilled keyboarders advanced to new topics quickly.

Currently, most computer users communicate primarily through text...using keyboards as the text-entry device. This form of interaction is a hold-over from the typewriter background of computers. While text communication is very effective (and will probably have a strong presence in elearning in the future), the process of entering text is on the verge of significant change.

Voice recognition has developed rapidly over the last several years. New programs are beginning to recognize context of use, and account for individuals nuances of speech. The days of keyboards may be short-lived...

Voice recognition will not only change the way in which people input information into computers, but also how people communicate with each other. Participating in chats, discussion questions, or simply journalizing thoughts can be handled with greater ease through intelligent voice recognition software.


Computing Out Loud
"This site is intended to help people using speech recognition software, whatever the variety, and to do so without the filters of vendors. We have our own filters, of course, so please read critically."
Links to excellent resources on voice recognition and product overviews.

IBM ViaVoice
"ViaVoice can offer a more satisfying computer experience not merely as an alternative to the mouse and keyboard, but by transforming the way we interact with our computers. Available around the world in over 10 languages, millions of people are using ViaVoice to talk instead of type -- boosting their productivity while enjoying the ease of use speech can bring to their computer activities."

"ScanSoft Inc. is the leading supplier of imaging, speech and language solutions, that are used to automate a wide variety of manual processes - saving time, increasing worker productivity, and improving customer service."

Spotlight on Voice Recognition
Great resource site...lists fundamentals of voice recognition, potential users, training, and implementation.


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