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Searching (or better - finding) information on the Web can be quite frustrating. The Web is continuing to grow...and users find simple searches can result in millions of "hits". Many people find answers to their questions on the Internet instead of traditional classes/courses. For the Web to be relevant to users, it must be easy to find information. New developments like the Semantic Web promise a better future...but it's still not developed. The solution? Search engines like Google and All The Web are making information more "findable"...and when combined with an understanding of how to search, the Web can be far less confusing.

The Web offers unprecedented access to information. In order for it to be useful, it must be findable. Newer organization structures for the Web (Semantic) and improved search engines make finding things much easier than ever before. This resource page has two focuses: helping you to understand how search engines work (to improve your searches)...and listing resources to help you incorporate search technology into your site/blog.

How to Choose a Search Engine
Detailed by category - i.e. if you want to search images, video, etc.

A Helpful Guide to Search Engines
"That's what we're all about--helping you search the Web more efficiently."

How to Search the Web
"The goal of this article is to help the new user get the most useful "hits" when using the various tools."

A Very Basic Web Search Tutorial
Tutorial format, short lessons.

Search Tools
"This site provides information, news and advice about web site searching technology..."

Stephen's Web - Research
Categorized listing of posts relating to learning/technology.

Fagan Finder
Search portal - links to major search engines, references, etc.

Research Buzz
"Obsessed with search engines, databases, and etc. since 1998"

Search Engines for Intranets and EIP
Definitions and articles.

Search Product Listing - Alphabetical
Lots here...


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