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RSS (rich site summary, really simple syndication, or RDF site summary - depending on who you talk to) is a syndication protocol (XML) used in conjunction with an aggregator that allows for easy sharing of content and resources. Currently, RSS is used on websites and blogs, but it is increasing finding a role in sharing anything digital...an application that may become crucial to the sharing of learning objects.

RSS is essentially a sharing protocol. It's value is its simplicity. Bloggers have used RSS to create rich, loosely connected communities for sharing insight and resources. Greater sharing of learning materials will hopefully result from educators awaken to the value of RSS.

The Fuss about RSS
An introductory overview of RSS for use in sharing learning objects...done in a wiki.

An Introduction to RSS for Educational Designers
Nice, complete overview of RSS.

Introduction to RSS
Another intro article - covers RSS, aggregators, and "the future".

What is an RSS Channel Anyway?
" An examination of the uses of RSS channels, to better understand their nature and to move towards a rigerous definition of them."

RSS Tutorial

RSS Workshop
Great tutorial...detailed.

Daily listing (and archiving) of the RSS feeds from various education/technology blogs.

RSS - The Next Killer App for Education
"Imagine having the news that interests you automatically delivered to your desktop, or being alerted to updates on your favorite Web sites without visiting them first. Picture yourself as a news provider to specific people who share your interests or just appreciate your commentary. Most commonly used to support the publication of weblogs and Internet news sites, RSS is an important development that promises to have a substantial impact on the world of education."

Portals, Blogs, and RSS: Why the are your future
A PowerPoint presentation on various aspects of RSS and blogs

Great resource page for developers.

The World of RSS Feeds
This resource links to various tutorials, articles, and definitions.

RSS History
"These are selected links from a broader collection of links covering the development of the RSS specification from the release of RSS by Netscape in March 1999 through the release of the RSS 1.0 Proposal in August 2000."

RSS Readers Wiki
All you need to know about aggregators...

Making an RSS Feed
Detailed tutorial...

Neat, Fun, Useful, and Easy RSS
PowerPoint presentation

What is RSS?
Tutorial...gets technical real fast...



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