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Focused, controlled evolution of elearning is critical to its future health. Elearning has grown and been driven by various sectors - technology, business, education - resulting in a lack of common, core principles for it's growth and adoption. Essentially, elearning doesn't know what it is, or what it wants to be when it "grows up". A structured foundation of principles is needed in order for elearning to reach its full potential.

Unbiased research is important in understanding what elearning is about and how users experiece and are effected by digital learning. This research should become the basis of decision making for shaping the industry. As long as elearning foundations are established by vendors, the industry risks being tossed around in response to every new fad - becoming a bland "everything to everyone" concept (have you ever heard a vendor say - "No, I'm sorry, elearning won't solve that problem"...:)).

The health of elearning is related to quality research and unbiased analysis, which is then used as a basis for making decisions and setting industry foundations. It is important to understand what elearning is, what it does, how it does it, how it's growing, where it's growing...the answers to these questions should not come from vendors - they should come from neutral research organizations.


"Since 1993, we have provided independent, objective information about using technology for learning to help you make the right decisions for your organization. We keep you well-informed on trends, best practices, tools and vendors, without bias."

"CARET bridges education technology research to practice by offering research-based answers to critical questions."

"The MASIE Center is an international e-lab and ThinkTank located in Saratoga Springs, NY. The Center is dedicated to exploring the intersection of learning and technology."

Web Tool Comparitive Analysis
"This site is designed to help educators evaluate and select online delivery software." Part of the larger Edutools site.

"Founded in 1993, Eduventures, Inc. is the leading, independent research and advisory firm dedicated exclusively to the coverage and service of corporate, postsecondary, and pre-K-12 learning markets."

eLearners.com - Research Resources
Extensive links to reports and research papers.

Elearning Research - NRC
"Welcome to the Web site of the Electronic Learning (e-learning) Research Group of the National Research Council of Canada's (NRC) Institute for Information Technology (IIT). This group has been a key part of IIT since the inception of the Institute's most recent major initiative, a national e-Business research program throughout New Brunswick, and especially since the introduction of its e-learning research group."

Elearning Research Center
Good resources on planning, implementing and budgeting elearning.

"With more than 20 years experience identifying and analyzing the trends and technologies that have shaped the course of business, Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT and ITB) provides unrivaled thought leadership and strategic consulting services to more than 11,000 organizations worldwide."

Extensive resources, research, and news.

How Much Information?
Neat site...lists Internet and information stats...amazing.

Learnativity - Market Reports
Lots of good links and resources. See also Learning Stats.

Nucleus Research
"Nucleus Research is a global research firm providing ROI focused analysis, advice, and financial modeling tools to help companies calculate the value of technology and choose solutions that maximize ROI."

Nua.com - Online Internet Surveys
"The world's leading resource for Internet trends and statistics."

Online Learning Survey
"Students taking courses partially online report advantages completing coursework online compared to meeting regularly in a classroom setting. Charts below summarize results from the Online Learning Survey."

Pew Internet
Excellent research papers on Internet use.

Research Dog
"Could you use an extra pair of eyes and hands to build a business case, design instruction, launch a new product, evaluate a program, perform research, assess customers or employees, or move into eLearning? "

Wainhouse Research
"Wainhouse Research analyzes the technologies, products, vendors, applications, and market trends in the visual collaboration and rich media communications marketplace by publishing our news bulletin, articles, whitepapers, industry reports, producing seminars, and providing related consulting services."

Work-Learning Research
"Work-Learning Research helps instructional designers, e-learning developers,
trainers, and performance consultants utilize research-based knowledge to
build effective learning-and-performance solutions. Drawing on an extensive
five-year research effort, Work-Learning Research audits e-learning and
blended-learning programs, publishes online research papers, conducts
workshops, and disseminates its findings through its website at
www.work-learning.com. Check out the E-Learning Quick-Audit, available for

Bob Jensen's Links - Education and Training
Good links for various papers and elearning research.


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