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Education, Training, Certification


Any emerging field needs a process of training and developing newcomers. With elearning, this is somewhat difficult...after all, elearning is a combination of various disciplines - IT, education, distance learning, knowledge management, etc. Until recently, anyone with a strong background in those fields (particularly IT or instructional design) became an "elearning expert" by default. While this is true of any new field, broader, more focused (can training be both broader and more focused?!?), more integrated education and training is needed to raise the standards and professionalism of elearning to the next level.

To succeed in elearning (in any area - designing, teaching, managing, supporting), an individual must possess at least a functional understanding of how the various components of elearning work. Several schools are now beginning to offer more holistic, balanced training (i.e. training that spans IT, design, educational theory)...much to the future benefit of our industry.

Elearning implementation failures and high student drop outs can be directly linked to lack of training and education. Often project leaders, designers, and instructors enter the field without consideration for the uniqueness of elearning. Competency, after all, is a product of education, experience, and reflection.


Get Educated
"GetEducated.com’s Best Distance Learning Graduate Schools: Education & Library Science 2003 is a free 50-page, downloadable guide to the best accredited, education related, distance learning graduate schools operating in the USA today." Visit their site map for additional information/resources and guides.

Active Learning in Virtual Environments (ALIVE)
"ALIVE Online is a professional development program that will teach you the skills you need to be a successful online facilitator. ALIVE Online has been developed based on validated curriculum from seasoned online instructors. The curriculum incorporates seven levels of learning developed to meet the needs of instructors who are interested in or already teaching online."

Master of Educational Technology U of BC
"The content will appeal to university teachers, college instructors, adult educators, primary and secondary school teachers, instructional designers, program administrators, educational decision-makers, and others concerned with managing, designing or teaching technology-based courses."

Master of Distance Education
"The MDE program is designed in an online format for working adults who want to complete their degree without interrupting their careers. The 36 credit-hour-degree program consists of 7 core courses and 4 elective courses, with a further requirement of a final project."

VCC Certificate in eLearning Instruction
"This certificate program builds on your foundation of professional preparation in instructor education and on your professional experience as an educator."

Capella School of Education
"The Capella School of Education offers accredited, online degree and certificate programs that allow adult learners to enhance their teaching skills and pursue new opportunities in their fields."

Certified Elearning Professional (CELP)
"The Certified e-Learning Professional (CeLP) is the leading certification programme for e-Learning professionals. Based on over two years' experience of setting the standards for the e-Learning industry in the UK and the success of our Online Trainer and Online Tutor certification schemes, this represents the most comprehensive certification programme for e-Learning professionals in the world."

World Wide Learn
"Online certificate programs and training courses for teaching online, places to teach online, plus learning resources to help you design and develop online and web based courses."

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