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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) allows various platforms to work together in an organization. So, in higher education, it might mean that the Learning Management System "speaks with" the Student Information System...and the Human Resource Management System. In a corporation, the LMS might draw information from (and share info with) the CRM or ERM. The goal of EAI is to reduce expense and generate efficiencies in the manipulation of data across the entire organization. Rather than having individual silos of information, EAI gets the silos talking to each other. While this focus will continue to grow, resources and experiences (relating specifically to elearning) are currently limited.

EAI offers opportunities for cost savings and increased efficiency. The complexities of EAI require significant planning and evaluation. While the idea of "all systems talking to each other" is good...it can quickly become a nightmare in complexity for managers...and frustration for learners and instructors.

Enterprise Learning in the Next 24 Months (.pdf)
Presentation by Jay Cross on expected developments at the enterprise level in the future...

E-learning comes to CRM
" While e-learning will also become integral to community-building strategies that leverage peer-to-peer information exchange, economic factors (e.g., declining economic conditions resulting in increased scrutiny of CRM investments for ROI) have begun to taper the enterprise e-learning market. As a result, there is a trend toward aligning e-learning with specific business initiatives as companies look to demonstrate e-learning's value in-context with business processes."

ERP Central
Web site devoted to enterprise resource systems.


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