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Conferences & Conventions


As elearning continues to grow, conferences and conventions become more critical as a means of sharing ideas and information. As any conference goer can attest, a well-planned, effective conference can shape the direction of an entire year's work.

One of the things, however, that baffles me about elearning conferences is that they are just that - conferences. As an industry, we brag about the benefits of Internet-based communication - anytime, anywhere...save travel and accommodation dollars...etc. Shouldn't we have more virtual conferences? Or is there something that physical conferences provide that virtual conferences do not?...and if so, why are we selling others on the benefit of reduced expenses for virtual training?...talk about being a cynic...sorry!

As elearning providers, we as an industry should be the first to embrace and promote the value of virtual conferences. In fact, due to the nature of elearning...I think most elearning professionals should feel a tinge of guilt when booking a flight and accommodations to attend a conference!


Events & Conferences
A resource compiled and hosted by Distance Education and Technology of UBC.

Conference Database
"The Conference Database of the Distance Education Clearinghouse identifies worldwide conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events of interest to distance education and related fields."

Conference Calendar
"Our directory provides up-to-date conference information that allows you to choose conferences that best meet your needs. We will continue to include conferences with both a strong technology track and participation by those who influence the use of technology.


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