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Artificial Intelligence


The concept of Artificial Intelligence stirs images of sci-fi thrillers - an environment where we no longer control machines, they control us. Instead of being determining what technology does, we fight for the existence of humanity. While this image certainly sells books and movies, AI has a more practical supportive role in education. In education, AI has the potential to transform student interaction with (and access to) content. In the future, it is possible that intelligent agents will play a vital role in learning...offering support, providing guidance, and fostering interaction.

Much of current literature in AI is more rooted in theory than in practicality. Whenever someone stands up and proclaims "In 5 years, robots will clean our houses"...it's a good time to insert at least some common sense. In reality, much AI speculation lies in "future things" - so a balancing perspective is helpful.

In many ways, the potential of AI in education rests not in defining a new way of "doing things", but rather offering a more effective way of doing what we are doing now.


Artificial Intelligence Meets Learning
"Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) allow course developers to incorporate diagnostic tools, intelligent role-playing, and tutoring systems into the learning process. The benefits of AI include real-time interaction, continuous improvement of content delivery, and an integrated approach to learning that provides students with an understanding of how a topic, such as supply chain management, fits into a course on operations and how that course fits into an overall business curriculum. This can be done in a variety of ways including through the use of virtual simulations."

Getting smart with e-learning
"Dugite's "eGenius", a spin-off from the University of Western Australia's Centre for Intelligent Information Processing Systems, is touted as allowing educators with only average computer skills to publish training materials to any device over any network, without having to learn new programs."

Personality Forge
Neat site...allows you to "build your own AI Personalities and turn them loose to chat with real people and other Bots."

International Journal of AI in Education
"IJAIED publishes papers and other items concerned with the application of artificial intelligence techniques and concepts to the design of systems to support learning."

Agent Web
"Information, resources newsletters and mailing lists relating to intelligent information agents, intentional agents, software agents, softbots, knowbots, infobots, etc."

Intelligent Software Agents Lab
Very resource rich site...links, articles, downloads, applications...

MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
Question: Is a listing of technology resources complete without a link to MIT?? nah...

American Association for AI
"... nonprofit scientific society devoted to advancing the scientific understanding of the mechanisms underlying thought and intelligent behavior and their embodiment in machines."

Intelligent Agents - IBM
Good listing of AI activities at IBM, notably - browser intelligence and MailCat (an intelligent agent to organize email - now that has relevance!).



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