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Upcoming Presentations & Conferences:

24th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning Madison, Wisconsin. (August 5-8, 2008). Keynote: "A Vision for Education"

Parks Canada (August 12, 2008)

ABEL Conference, Toronto. (August 18-20, 2008). Keynote.

eFest - New Zealand (September 8)

ALT-C 2008, Leeds, UK, (September 9-11, 2008) (I'm on the conference SC)

COHERE, Toronto (October 2-3, 2008). Keynote.

University of Minho, Braga, Portugal (Oct 9-10, 2008). Keynote.

Northwest Elearning Community (Seattle) October 17, 2008. Keynote

Australia - October 28 - November 16, 2008 (various presentations)

Elearn Las Vegas- November 17 - 21, 2008

Previous Presentations

D2L Fusion, Memphis, TN (July 20-23, 2008): Keynote: "Connectives and collectives: learning alone, together"

eLearning Africa, Accra, Ghana (May 28-30): Keynote: "A Narrative of Learning for a World Without Boundaries"

Niagara College, Niagara, ON (May 22, 2008): Keynote:

TLT/IT Summit Saskatoon (May 14-16, 2008): Keynote: "Education: An ecology of connections"

MADLaT (Winnipeg, May 8-9, 2008): Workshop: "Evaluating Context and Planning Technology Use".
Presentation: "Walking Uncertain Paths: Technologies and Models of Learning for Tomorrow"

Leading Learning, Toronto (May 5-6, 2008): Keynote: "On Becoming: The cognitive and social impact of technology"

2008 Pacific Northwest Higher Education Teaching & Learning Conference, Spokane, Washington. (April 30-May1, 2008) Keynote: "Connectivism and Communities"

CNIE, Banff, Alberta (April 27-30, 2008). Panel member: Open Education Resources

Visiting Scholarship: University of Fairbanks, Alaska (April 20 - 26, 2008)

TLI, New York (April 8-10, 2008): Keynote: "Connections and Conversations: What happens to content?"

EDUCAUSE, San Antonio (January 2008) (recording and video...and podcast interview with Michael Wesch): Presentation: "Connectivism: Rethinking Curriculum, Knowledge, and Learning" (slideshare)
Ohio State University (Dec 12-13, 2007). Keynote: "Change Pressures: A Response" (slideshare)
University of Alaska at Fairbanks (visiting scholar - November 12 - 16, 2007) (
COHERE (October 12, 2007 (Toronto))
ADETA - (Edmonton October 17-19, 2007). Keynote: "Living, Learning, Communicating in an Immediate World"
Beyond Boundaries (Grand Forks, October 4-5)
International Association for the Developement of the Information Society (July 6-8, Lisbon, Portugal). Keynote: "Apophenia: Understanding and Meaning in Information Abundance" (slideshare)
ED-MEDIA (Vancouver, June 25-29)
LearnTel: In Relation to Knowledge (Australia, June 22) (slideshare)
4th International Seminar (Helsinki, June 6)
Learning Communities in the Web 2.0 Era (Moncton, May 24): Keynote: "
Webheads in Action Online Convergence (May 17) (slideshare)
CADE-AMTEC (Winnipeg - May 12-16)
Commun-IT (May 10, 2007 - Online)
Digital Cultural Content Forum (Montreal, April 28 - May 1) (slideshare)
Elluminate: Patterns and Sensemaking: Information Visualization (recording) (April 25, 2007)
Interactive Technology in Education (Finland - April 19)
Women of Web 2.0 (podcast - April 4)
Canadian Museums Association - 2007 (Ottawa - March 29 - 30)
Department of National Defence (Civilian Learning - March 20 Winnipeg)
Ohio Digital Commons for Education (Columbus, Ohio March 5-6) (Video recording available)
McGraw-Hill/Mount Royal (Calgary - February 21-23)
Personal Learning Environments Symposium (January 26, 2007 - U of Manitoba Video recording available)
Shifted Learning (IBM - January 24) presented to Learning Designer/Developer Community
Knowing Knowledge Online - SCoPE (January 11-30)


Online Educa (Berlin, December, 2006...video recording of session)
SURF Education Days (Netherlands, November, 2006 - .ppt files: Connectivism & Learning Theories)
Western Sydney Institute (.ppt here, October, 2006)
Australia: Global Summit
(.ppt here, October, 2006) (recording of the session...pre-conference interview...Learning and Knowledge paper...What does it mean to know today? paper)
NSW Elearning 2006 - Sydney (October, 2006)
ePortfolio 2006 (Oxford, UK, October, 2006): elluminate recording
Provincial Territorial Distance Education Association
(Nunavut, September, 2006) (.ppt here...and audio here)
Austria - Microlearning (June, 2006 ....ppt here)
Educause (May, 2006) (.pdf here)
ECOO Toronto (May 2006) (Presentations: Learning in Context (.ppt) and Learning Networks: Neural and Social)
elearningguild Boston (April, 2006)
Milken Institute (April, 2006)
ADETA: Connectivism (March 2006)
CHIN: Museums and Connectivism (March, 2006)
IOC: Rethinking Learning (February, 2006)

elearningguild: New Paths in Elearning
(.ppt) (December, 2005)
Australia: Cool Connections (November, 2005)
U of Manitoba: Web 2.0 and Connectivism (October, 2005)
Beyond Boundaries: Learning Today (.ppt) (September, 2005)

MADLAT - Art of Blogging ( .ppt file available here)
UNEVOC - Using Elearning and Multimedia to Develop Technical Skills (.ppt)
AMTEC - Evaluating Media Characteristics (.ppt)


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