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I haven't read a magazine in years. I subscribe to several, and I'll flip through them when they arrive...but in most cases, I've read the articles online well before the magazine arrives.

I may be abnormal, but I read magazines for two reasons - for articles worth keeping and for the ads. If a magazine publishes a yearly guide (i.e. "State of the Elearning Industry", "Buyers Guide"), I keep them for reference. I read the ads because new products and concepts are often in ads months before they are in featured articles.

The Internet is about connecting people and resources in "instant time". Delay time publications like magazine need to transition to offering resources and information that is not time sensitive. In today's Internet world, magazines are no longer perceived as news vehicles.


eLearn Magazine
"Content is culled from two distinct sources: News and features written by professional journalists with expertise in education and technology, and columns and tutorials by industry leaders and stars of academia. Our targeted readership includes both providers and consumers of online learning, with a special emphasis on teachers, managers, and administrators working to develop educational programs or classes on the Web."

LTI Magazine
"Each day you’ll find the best information on building and delivering advanced learning environments for business, government, and higher education. Visit LTIMagazine.com regularly for 'breaking' news, real-world case studies, research reports, in-depth technology articles, and expert columns, and to connect with your peers."

"Syllabus, the only monthly magazine that focuses exclusively on the use of high tech in higher education, provides a platform for advancing new IT solutions at the college level."

"The magazine delves into management issues such as leadership and succession planning, HR issues such as recruitment and retention, and training issues such as learning theory, on-the-job skills assessments and aligning core workforce competencies to enhance the bottom line impact of training and development programs."

"techLEARNING.com is produced by Technology & Learning Magazine, with contributions from hundreds of K-12 teachers, administrators & other experts in the field."

Technology Source
"The purpose of The Technology Source, a peer-reviewed bimonthly periodical published by the Michigan Virtual University, is to provide thoughtful, illuminating articles that will assist educators as they face the challenge of integrating information technology tools into teaching and into managing educational organizations."

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