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Change Management


Perhaps the most significant challenge to implementing elearning is not technologically based - it is social.

Frequently, technology is treated as a scapegoat when an elearning initiative fails (or when a course has high dropout rates). While technology obviously plays a role in these "failures", it is important to go deeper. Why do people resist technology? Why is it so difficult to encourage staff to begin using elearning? Why do some managers not see the many benefits of elearning - lower costs (potentially), greater learning, and more satisfied customer/student/end user?

The reason for these issues is based on our resistance to change. Anything new is viewed as a threat until it is understood. Any manager, department chair, or instructor, needs to initiate a "change management" strategy to ensure adoption of elearning. Blaming technology is misguided.

The biggest challenge in implementing elearning lies in overcoming people's natural resistance to change.


Technologies for Understanding: Three Conditions for Positive Change
Useful read.

"Three Conditions for Positive Change:
Apply the principles of "Teaching for Understanding" to the implementation of technology;
- Accommodate the "scholarship of teaching and learning" as a way building and sharing knowledge about teaching for understanding in new learning environments;
- Develop robust programs for faculty development based on what we know about how people learn best."

Change Management Toolbook
"In this Toolbook for Change Management, I will offer you a broad range of methods and strategies which you can apply during different stages of personal and organizational development."

Qualitative Issues
This article tackles the concerns of aligning practice with policy.

Managing Change Library
If you are implementing an elearning course, or institution-wide project, take a few minutes to visit this resource-rich site. Great suggestions for managing change.

Managing Change (course notes)
This site is a resource for an online course. Offers an excellent overview of the reasons for, and processes of change management.


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