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Best Practices & Design Standards


While elearning is still relatively new as a distinct field...resources are available to use as reference points for best practices or design standards. Measuring elearning against the experiences and standards of other organizations can offer insight into new approaches...or provide an opportunity to self-evaluate approaches. It is worth noting that, especially in relation to design standards, many general web design/development approaches have very direct translation to elearning.

Best practices are basically a set of standards, created based on experience, that are used to measure the quality of resources, methods, and courses.


Effective Practices
An excellent, categorized listing of best (effective) practices.

Quality Standards in eLearning: A Matrix of Analysis
"Most institutions of postsecondary and higher education are creating or adopting quality statements, standards, and criteria regarding their niche of the “eLearning enterprise.” In doing so, they have a tendency to reinvent the wheel. This article summarizes current published quality standards in the US, and analyzes and organizes them into a nine-cell matrix. It concludes with discussion of emerging issues with respect to the nine standards-areas."

Standards for Quality Online Courses
Usability, accessibility, technology, and instructional design standards.

Assessment and Best Practices in Online Teaching and Learning Links
Excellent resources.

Online Pedagogy - Theories and Best Practices
Links to a wide variety of resources/articles/related tutorials.


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