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New software programs make life much easier for developers and facilitators of online learning! Interactive exercises, testing, collaboration, and content development are greatly simplified. What used to take days/weeks can now often be done in much less time - with little or no coding/programming skills needed.

The resources listed on this page are some of the most common (and useful) tools used for elearning development and implementation. Most are free, or offer a trial version.


General Screen Capture Authoring Test/Quizzes Communication Collaboration Teaching Tools Web


Extremely useful software for organizing and brainstorming ideas.

Quick Topic
"For any one-topic group discussion, use the Quick Topic free web forum instead of just email! Your messages will be in a private central place, and each of your friends can opt to participate by email or just use the web forum. That's because Quick Topic is a super-easy single-topic web bulletin board that's also fully email-enabled: you can get and post messages via email. Use it on your web site too. Thousands served."

3D Browser
"Sunergia Group is the distributor, for the Education Field, of the Browse3D Web-browser."

Ultimate Utility Guide - PC Mag
"We bring you 94 ways to make your computer work better!"

"To create, as a community, the leading international office suite that will run on all major platforms and provide access to all functionality and data through open-component based APIs and an XML-based file format."

Interesting - not sure if in a good or bad way...

Help authoring software.

Knowledge Storm
Great resource for researching and accessing a large variety of software.

"SOT Office 2002 is a free productivity suite for Windows and Linux."
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Screen capture

Lotus Screen Cam
"ScreenCam is Lotus Development's popular PC screen recording application. Use ScreenCam to demonstrate your product, teach people how to use it and help them get the most from their applications."

AMT Learning Solutions
"AMT Learning Solutions provides tools and services for creating realistic online tutorials to teach ANY software application."

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a moving picture is invaluable for explaining the complicated content on today’s computers. Camtasia captures the action and sound from any part of the Windows desktop and saves it to a standard AVI movie file or streaming video. Share your Camtasia screen recordings on a Web site, distribute them via e-mail, an Intranet or CD."

"Capture and Share Anything on Your Screen"
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Macromedia's Coursebuilder
"The free Macromedia CourseBuilder Extension for Dreamweaver 4 and UltraDev 4 enables you to create interactive Web pages with engaging Web-based learning content and deliver them across multiple platforms and browsers."

SNAP! Studio
"...an easy-to-use, full-featured course authoring tool that dramatically reduces development time for courses, without the assistance of third-party suppliers or information technology resources."

"We provide the total solutions and tools needed for existing training and/or education contents to be delivered to your audience over the Internet
ObjectJ consists of a group of 25 professional and experienced software developers specialized in Java based eLearning technologies."

XStream Software
Build multimedia tutorials, interactive activities, tests, etc.

"Do you want to get into Flash™ but can't afford the steep price and even steeper learning curve? then SWiSH is the tool for you!"

AMT Learning Solutions
"Create realistic software training lessons that guide your users through a realistic INTERACTIVE simulation of your software application. Users are guided step by step with PopUp messages as they PERFORM each operation, with automatic help for mistakes. Running a tutorial is so simple that users can't get stuck or lost."

For more information, see elearnspace's authoring tools.
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Test/Quizzes/Interactive Activities

"Markin is the latest in marking and annotation software for on-line and electronic teaching environments. It can import text material from the clipboard, or from an RTF or text file, and provides all the tools you need to mark and annotate this text. When you have finished, you can export the marked text as an RTF file for loading into a word-processor, or as a web page so that your students can view the marked text in a web browser - and you can email this file directly back to the student, all without leaving the Markin program."

Half-Baked Software
Variety of quiz/test software programs. Simple to use...very valuable.

Simple, survey creation tool.

"Zoomerang allows businesses and individuals to easily conduct professional-grade surveys and gather and analyze the critical feedback necessary to make important decisions."
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"Founded in 1994, L-Soft is the premier provider of e-mail list and e-mail delivery solutions used on the Internet and intranets."

"iVisit is Eyematic Interface's solution for multi-party video, voice and text chat over intranets and the Internet. iVisit supports color video, multiple simultaneous connections, call screening, flexible quality settings for video, easy no-risk installation and setup, and a built-in directory service that helps you find other users."

"PalTalk is the total internet communications solution that combines the best of instant messaging and internet telephony. PalTalk offers a wide range of features that allow users to communicate with each other anywhere in the world at any time - all for FREE."

See also: elearnspace's Instant Messaging

"Our mission is to provide companies with the necessary tools to facilitate interactive communications with their customers and employees."
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Free Collaboration Software
Basic listing of free resources for collaborating

"CoCreate’s OneSpace Solution Suite is an integrated component of an organizations Collaborative Product Commerce (CPC) infrastructure that complements existing data and process technologies."

"eProject Enterprise 4.0, the latest in project management and collaboration software, is designed to make your projects more successful."

Forum One
"Forum One Communications helps people and organizations use the Internet to make a difference. We will work with you through the entire Internet life cycle - from strategic planning through design, development and ongoing management of dynamic websites."

"MimerDesk is a web-based groupware environment designed for a wide variety of uses such as personal management, computer-supported collaborative learning, carrying out projects, and setting up communities. Its main strengths include a very customizable group system which allows many groups to work simultaneously on a shared database with tools like Calendar, Tasks, Forums, Links, Chat, Reviews, Voting, Files, Instant Messages, Profiles, and many more."

"CommunityZero™ is an interactive website that allows a group of people to communicate and exchange information over the Internet in their own private and secure area. Within each area, called an online community, participants are provided access to a suite of powerful tools that enable a group to effectively get organized, share knowledge and communicate"

"Groove Networks, Inc. provides desktop collaboration software that accelerates business activity both within and across company boundaries by providing a 10X improvement over email alone for getting work done."

"We provide online, interactive, live instructional products and services that empower live learning, training, coaching, meeting and mentoring. Whether you want to teach a course online, conduct an online meeting with your colleagues or offer online tutoring to your students, Elluminate products and services will meet your needs."

"Our goal is to increase your productivity and creativity through innovative collaboration technology, improving and streamlining the way you already work."
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Teaching Tools

NetOp School
"NetOp School for Windows offers teachers and corporate trainers a powerful combination of essential tools for networked classroom instruction. With NetOp School you can show your screen to the class, see student screens as they work, remote control PCs, chat with students, launch applications, call your class to attention, send files and more."

"Welcome to eprints.org, dedicated to the freeing of the refereed research literature online through author/institution self-archiving."

"Interactive website tools for education, business and fun. Add chat, whiteboards, games and message boards to your site by simply copying a few lines of HTML code - no downloads or plugins needed!"

"I-NETwerks provides tools and application development services that enable non-developers to easily create integrated multimedia presentations and events on the web."

"The preferred choice of online education and training providers… Tegrity® WebLearner is the only platform that automatically converts classroom instruction into engaging and effective web content for on-demand and live delivery."

"Wanadu helps convert PowerPoint® into a powerful tool like it has never been before. Transform your favorite presentation authoring application into an eLearning authoring environment, a powerful sales and marketing tool or a CRM platform. Our PowerPoint to Flash conversion helps you retain all the features of PowerPoint while allowing you add unprecedented interactivity and functionality."
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Web Tools

Publishing, content management, searching software.

"Most popular uses for the Digital Web Book are for digital brochures, catalogues, newsletters, manuals, product guides, corporate profiles and annual reports, as well as direct marketing and viral marketing campaigns."

"XML Spy now offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use product family to facilitate all aspects of Advanced XML Application Development.

Also, see elearnspace's Web Services.
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