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Social Software


Social software is a fairly new term...and it's debatable whether it even deserves its own classification. Some call it hype, others - a revolution. Regardless of its future as a distinct form of software, it is a tool that allows people to connect and communicate with each other...in a networked fashion. Blogs and wikis are currently the most prominent tools...but the definition of social software could be extended to include groupware tools like Groove...or social networking tools like Friendster.

Social software is a tool that allows people to connect with others to share ideas and collaborate. The distinguishing feature of this type of software is the networked/connected nature of communication - a break from linear communication like telephones, email, etc.

Are You Ready for Social Software?
"It's the opposite of project-oriented collaboration tools that places people into groups. Social software supports the desire of individuals to be pulled into groups to achieve goals. And it's coming your way."

Social Software Wiki
Defines social software, history, and provides resources.

Social Software Reading List
Short list of books that have influenced the concept of social software.

Social Software Alliance
Formed to bring together people "who are interested in and knowledgable about social software, to start developing standards and tools in a collaborative way."

Tipping Point, Power Laws, Linked, and Weblogs
Interesting summary of Malcom Gladwell's thoughts...explores social networks, powerlaws, etc.

Social Software Wiki
Wiki of definitions, books, and resources relating to social software.


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