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Sometimes, the simplest concepts have the greatest impact. For example, instant messaging altered the way in which many people communicate. The concept is simple, yet the social uptake is amazing. Why do some of the simplest concepts receive the greatest adoption? There are many reasons, but one of the most significant is ease of use. For many, technology is intimidating...and simplicity is more important that capability or potential.

Blogging is an example of a simple concept that has the potential to alter the way in which people encounter and examine ideas, receive news, and even learn. Basically, a blog is short for web log, and consists of regular updates, links, and news posted on a personal site.

Interest in blogging is increasing in many institutions. The primary value of blogs rests in their ability to communicate. Fields of elearning and knowledge management are beginning to see blogging as a means of disseminating information across an organization.


The Art of Blogging: Part 1 and Part 2

Good overview of blogs by Jay Cross of Internet Time. Newcomers to blogs will find this article very helpful.

"Blogger is a web-based tool that helps you publish to the web instantly -- whenever the urge strikes."

I've been using Blogger for a while, and it takes about 5 minutes to set up a site (still free) and to start posting. Very neat.

Movable Type
I haven't used this program (similar to Blogger), but I've started seeing them on various sites...and the designs look great.

"Bloglet offers an email subscription service for your blog."

Roughly everything anyone needs to know about blogs. From Microcontent News

Good listing of resources from Web Tools.

Weblogs in Education
An example of the role of blogging in an educational setting.

Blogs as Disruptive Tech
"How weblogs are flying under the radar of the Content Management Giants"

What We're Doing When We Blog
"Every day it seems another article about weblogs appears in the press. At first, most of these stories seemed content to cover the personal nature of blogging. But more and more I'm seeing articles that attempt to examine the journalistic and punditry aspects of weblogs prominent in many of the so-called "warblogs," or sites that began in response to the events of September 11th."

Grassroots KM through Blogging
Article on elearningpost. Well worth reading.

Weblogs in Education
Good resource site....even has information on PDAs and blogging.

"BlogTree.com is a web site that maintains a database of blog relationships and allows you to browse blogs' pedigree."

Listing of almost 10,000 blogs...check out top 100 - interesting reading.

Examples of Blogs

Online Learning Update
Ray Schroeder's blog from University of Illinois. Excellent.

Techno-News Blog
Once again - Ray's blog, this one focused on technology.

Educational Technology
...and Ray's again....focused on educational technology (in case the title threw you off!)

Serious Instructional Technology
Consistently good resources and commentary.

Learning Circuits Blog
A blog maintained by a number of prominent members of the elearning community.

Research on Learning and Performance
Blog by Jay Cross on learning related issues.

Knowledge management blog.


Scripting News



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