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Effective preparation begins with an understanding of the "global picture". What resources are available? What is involved in teaching online? How is the environment different than a classroom? How does the relationship between teacher and student change online?

The resources listed here will give you a broad overview of the elearning process. Effective preparation, after all, is the most critical factor in determining success (or something like that!)


Effective preparation will eliminate many frustrations for both the learner and the teacher. Online, a teacher loses many of the classrooms "tricks" to cover poor planning.


First Steps
" Converting existing classroom-based materials to an online format in developing an e-learning program requires a blend of some traditional classroom-based courses along with the conversion courses. The advantages of online learning must outweigh the disadvantages for both the learner and the developer to make the conversion process cost effective."

Preparing to Teach with the Web
"Before you embark on a project to use computers in your teaching, make sure you clearly understand your means. Assess how much support you can expect to receive at your institution."

A Framework for E-learning
"Advances in information technology and new developments in learning science provides opportunities to create well-designed, learner-centered, engaging, interactive, affordable, efficient, easily accessible, flexible, meaningful, distributed, and facilitated e-learning environments. Each stage of the e-learning process requires thoughtful analysis and investigation of how to use the Internet's potential in concert with instructional design principles and issues important to various dimensions of the e-learning environment."

Planning an eLearning Project
Once again, from eCLIPSE.


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