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Electronic portfolios have been gaining attention as a means of evaluating learning (teachers)...and of demonstrating learning (learners). An e-portfolio is a learner-owned, vibrant means of transferring learning into a personal marketing tool for employment. Instead of a static resume, an e-portfolio allows people the ability to communicate in the Internet/hyperlinked medium.

E-portfolios allow people to demonstrate learning and competency in a manner that is reflective of personal learning styles, creativity, and interest. Typically, the instructor sets the boundaries of how to demonstrate learning. With portfolios, the learner is in control.

What is a Portfolio?
"A portfolio is a collection of work developed across varied contexts over time. The portfolio can advance learning by providing students and/or faculty with a way to organize, archive and display pieces of work."

Directions in Electronic Portfolio Development
"This article explores the advantages and trade-offs of two paths to the development of electronic portfolios – using generic tools and using customized systems. The analysis assumes that the goal of electronic portfolios is to stay focused on the quality of work by a learner and the valid alignment of their work to the standards and goals of education. A comparison of the “best of all worlds” scenarios for both approaches shows that the two approaches each have important strengths that need to be weighed during the process of program planning."

Electronic Portfolios and Student Learning
Links to various presentations on portfolios - including technology and portfolios as an assessment tool.

E-Portfolio Resource Page
This site is focused on helping learners understand the value of e-porfolios...and presents the four stage process of portfolio development: collect, select, reflect, connect.

Electronic Portfolios - Resources for Higher Education
"With excerpts and links to websites featured in our newest best seller, Electronic Portfolios: Emerging Practices in Student, Faculty, and Institutional Learning, as well as a discussion site for individuals interested in further information on electronic portfolios, a database of institutions working with portfolios, and other resources, this site offers a constellation of information around this very important new higher education topic."

Electronic Student Portfolios Webfolios
"Student portfolios are recognised as formative reflections of progress, and also play an increasingly important role in summative assessment procedures.
The systematic compilation and presentation of teachers' observations and student artefacts across the gamut of media ensures a high degree of student involvement and invokes a more richly textured portrayal of individual student achievement than that available through more traditional forms of assessment."

Open Source Portfolio Initiative
"The Open Source Portfolio Initiative (OSPI) is a newly formed group committed to working together on the development and use of openly shared ePortfolio software code. Anyone interested in furthering work towards this goal is welcome to join OSPI."

The Electronic Portfolio Boom: What's it All About?
"The term "electronic portfolio," or "ePortfolio," is on everyone's lips. We often hear it associated with assessment, but also with accreditation, reflection, student resumes, and career tracking. It's as if this new tool is the answer to all the questions we didn't realize we were asking."

Online Portfolio Workshops
Series of 10 mini-workshops (some only about a page in length) on various components of portfolio design and presentation.


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