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Learning Content Management System (LCMS) derives from content management systems (used in online publishing). Essentially, it allows users to create, approve, publish, reuse, and manage learning objects and digital resources. An LCMS sits at the intersection of knowledge management, elearning design, development, and delivery.

The use of LCMS can reduce the cost of developing new courses - in terms of content design and increased efficiency. Through the use of a content management system, organizations have greater control and tracking over the use and creation of content and resources.

For more information on content management, see Content Management.

Perhaps the greatest value of an LCMS is not the ability for an organization to manage content - it is the by-product of this process. An LCMS allows for the creation of personalized instruction. Students are first assessed on learning style and intelligence type, and then the system dynamically generates a personal learning path.


LCMS - Internettime
Must read resource. Great introduction to LCMS. Very visual.

Making the case for content
Excellent overview article.

What's Important in a Learning Content Management System
Overview article.

Great article explaining what an LCMS is, and how it varies from a CMS or LMS.

IDC White Paper - LCMS
Links to an excellent white paper on LCMS.

"The hype surrounding learning management systems (LMSs) and learning content management systems (LCMSs) has caused mass confusion among e-learning buyers."

What's Important in an LCMS?
"As trainers and other educators suddenly find themselves evaluating expensive and complex server-side software—software in a functionality category that didn't even exist two years ago—it's hard to know what's what. To begin with, evaluating enterprise-class applications is inherently hard. Even the IT professionals aren't always very good at it. To make matters worse, the tools are constantly evolving and previously distinct software categories are merging as vendors rush to cram every feature imaginable into their offerings in an effort to stand out in the crowd. This article is my attempt to help you sort through at least some of the noise by helping you to answer one important question: What do you really need?"

LCMS - New technologies for new learning approaches
"Comparatively, in the e-learning model, distribution is Internet-cheap. The cost has shifted emphasis to content creation and delivery. Since content is a key success factor for e-learning, the imperative need is for applications that help organize the development and deployment process. This is why content creation, management, personalization and delivery have become such important strategic issues in e-learning. It is where the value is generated, and also where the larger costs are incurred."

LCMS Roundup
"E-learning promises to deliver just-in-time learning. A learner gains access to a data repository, answers a few questions, and, voila, the system delivers the precise piece of information when and how they need it. Unfortunately, most organizations have yet to experience such a smooth information exchange. Enter the learning content management system."

Evolution of LCMS
"We're in the midst of an e-learning revolution, which brings with it rapid change, a myriad of emerging technologies, and greater opportunities to generate significant business returns on e-learning investments. During this period, technology has progressed in a series of evolutionary stages, which have had an increasingly profound impact upon the speed, content ownership, cost, flexibility, and business benefits of e-learning solutions. Reviewing the last five years of market developments reveals the emergence of LCMSs as a platform of choice for many companies seeking fast deployment of e-learning."

"Zope is a leading open source application server, specializing in content management, portals, and custom applications. Zope enables teams to collaborate in the creation and management of dynamic web-based business applications such as intranets and portals." Free.

LeadingWay LCMS
"Whether you need to train people on company products/services, teach new skills to employees, update a customer service department on a company process, or conduct any other kind of training, KnowledgeOne™ Content Manager offers you a cost-effective eLearning solution.
KnowledgeOne™ Content Manager is a robust Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) that allows you to capture, store and distribute learning content organization-wide. The unique methodology behind this system lets you create content in small, reusable units, called Knowledge Objects, that can be delivered for eLearning courses by adding graphics, audio, practice and assessments. The same Knowledge Objects can be reused to deliver content across additional eLearning courses, and for publishing as CD-ROM and print materials, saving you time and money in your content development efforts."

"ROCKET KM provides easy-to-use tools enabling operational personnel to develop, deploy and manage e-learning faster than with any other system. Robust authoring enables rapid content development and conversion, while supporting a full spectrum of instructional strategies including learning objects, prescriptive learning and simulation. "

OutStart Inc.
"Evolution is the state of the art technological platform required for implementing a successful learning solution. It is a collaborative development and dynamic delivery environment that also has a tightly integrated learning management system. Evolution has been designed for simple and rapid creation of interactive, adaptive materials. Though this design allows for traditional development philosophies, methodologies, and delivery for course development, Evolution’s strength is in its ability to deliver on the promise of reusable learning object development and individualized delivery."

"KMGP develops technology-based solutions that allow you to manage content of all types and provide the methods needed to create knowledge objects for training, customer initiatives, sales, and marketing. Courses and content can be automatically deployed to the Internet, Intranets, CD-ROMs, and printable documents by KM Studio software."

"The Docent LCMS™ provides an integrated environment for developing, managing, and delivering learning content. Docent LCMS provides increased productivity by enabling rapid content creation and delivery by a wide range of content creators including instructional designers and subject matter experts."


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