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This page is a resource specifically for instructors. It is closely linked to Teaching Online. Teaching online covers issues relating to the actual teaching/facilitating process. This page will offer a broader scope of resources that may be valuable to instructors outside of the specific teaching experience.

Instructors seem to be lost in the shuffle to move resources online. Elearning is heavily about technology, so much focus is placed here. Elearning also requires a more rigid design process than classroom courses (though some would argue that classroom courses should be more rigid in design as well!), so the instructional design process is given much attention. However, somewhere between the technology, the management, and the design, the instructor is at risk of being overlooked. I've spoken with many instructors who had ZERO training before delivering their first online course. Insanity.

The complexities of elearning (and the "newness") often result in adminstrators taking for granted the aspects that are most familiar. In reality, this is very common - after all, what is most new or least understood often receives a disproportionately large amount of attention. As a result, instructors may not receive the training they need to teach online


Introduction to Online Teaching
An excellent resource...part of a course on online learning. The links offered for each unit are very useful.

The Moderator's HomePage
"This page is a growing set of resources for moderators and moderators-to-be of online discussion in both academic and non-academic settings."
This is a very resource-rich site...well worth the visit.

World Wide Learn
"Online certificate programs and training courses for teaching online, places to teach online, plus learning resources to help you design and develop online and web based courses."

Web for Teachers
Very useful resource on integrating technology.

Towards an Educational Theory of Technology
"This article offers a critical consideration of current initiatives, and concomitant discourses, exhorting educators to adopt and integrate digital tools on a large scale. Despite immense obstacles standing in the way of full-scale implementation, educational perspectives critical of the e-learning imperative are, for the most part, marginalized and/or ignored, as economic interests are prioritized over more specifically educational ones, and a new breed of entrepreneurial academics give intellectual legitimacy to commercial and corporate ideologies."

An Instructor's Guide to Live Elearning
"Before you move from the traditional classroom to e-learning, you may want to double-check your stand-up trainer’s toolkit. You'll find that much of your traditional training expertise is transferable to the online classroom."

elearnspace - Teaching Online
Also, visit this elearnspace page...


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