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Adoption and Promotion


While the process of elearning planning, designing, development is difficult, the greatest challenge rests in getting the elearning used. The resources on this page explore adoption from several perspectives: personal change, organizational adoption (i.e. elearning program roll out), and getting instructors/trainers to adopt technology in their teaching.

The adoption and promotion of elearning are mainly activities in change management. Technology is often blamed for the reluctance of learners/teachers to use technology...but if properly designed, developed, and marketed - elearning has much to offer. Nothing is more effective in getting elearning adopted than giving learners a well-designed and engaging course. The product is the marketing.


Elearning Adoption and Promotion
"Actually getting employees and prospective students and instructors to use elearning is a challenge on its own. In this article, we explore the adoption of elearning as it relates to student, instructor and organization."

Center for Implementation Excellence
Site supports a book Implementing Elearning. Offers a free implementation planning template.

Marketing Learning
"Employee learning is viewed as essential to an organization's success. However, you may feel learning takes a back seat to other initiatives, especially with an unfavorable economy. Therefore, it is critical to market learning so that leadership and staff understand its value."

How to Sell Elearning (.pdf)
Check out the "do's and don't's on the last page.

Dance of Change
"Most change initiatives fail," says Senge, "because organizations don't foresee the obstacles that arise naturally wherever growth and learning take place. Predictable and interconnected, these challenges go hand in hand with any step into the unknown, and must be anticipated and mastered in order for sustained growth to occur."

Faculty Development and the Diffusion of Innovations
"Faculty are being asked to adopt, and adapt to, a number of information age innovations in teaching. While some have adopted these technologies enthusiastically, the majority of instructors have been much slower to integrate these new tools in their teaching. Faculty developers remain frustrated with professors who appear to resist technology integration or those who clearly refuse to use these innovations in their teaching.

Change Management 101
"The purpose of this paper is to provide a broad overview of the concept of “change management.” It was written primarily for people who are coming to grips with change management problems for the first time and for more experienced people who wish to reflect upon their experience in a structured way."

Encouraging Teacher Technology Use
"In spite of a widespread public perception that technology use is common in our nation's schools, surveys indicate that only about half of U.S. teachers use technology in classroom instruction. Anecdotal evidence obtained from school technology specialists and education technology proponents indicates that the effective use of education technology is even less common than those surveys indicate. Many teachers, the experts say, still are reluctant to use technology, mostly because of a lack of time, a lack of resources, or a lack of confidence in their ability to use the available technology."

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