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Category Archives: visualization


The next big advance in information use/management will be visualization. Abundance requires new methods (i.e. Anderson’s “more is different” view). We can’t manage information abundance through traditional methods of interaction. I’ve suggested previously that networks serve a wayfinding and sensemaking role. Technology is another key component. Visualization can help to reveal connections not readily evident. [...]

NY Times and Visualizations

We have hit our scale limit in managing information. We need new processes to make sense of abundance. One approach is found in the use of social networks for filtering important ideas and concepts. A technical approach is found in data visualization. Bill Ives links to the NY Times Visualization Lab. The site is based [...]

Visualizing Data

OECD has been learning from Hans Rosling and Gapminder. In order to make their data more accessible, they’ve created (or had someone create) an application for visualizing data. I personally prefer gapminder’s interface, but OECD’s contribution is appreciated. If data is made more accessible it will be used more often as a guide for decision [...]