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More University Pain

Business week reports on the funding crunch in universities: The past year has been one of the most brutal for the higher education world in decades, with private schools struggling to stay afloat and even some of the most elite institutions suffering huge endowment losses and cutbacks. But state schools perhaps have been hit the [...]

The Future of Learning: Ten Years On

Stephen Downes has written an important paper: The Future of Learning: Ten Years On. I need to spend more time reviewing the specifics of future learning, but after an initial read, Stephen has created a valuable document that should serve as a discussion piece for detailing the direction of our field. I suspect this document [...]

The future of universities

How are universities likely to be impacted by current technological trends? Two publications seek to address this question: The Tower and the Cloud: The emergence of the networked information economy is unleashing two powerful forces. On one hand, easy access to high-speed networks is empowering individuals. People can now discover and consume information resources and [...]