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The future of the business of learning

Tony Karrer, Jay Cross, and I host a (fairly) regular online events relating to corporate learning on our LearnTrends site. Tony has put together an upcoming event on the future of the business of learning. From the site: Corporate training departments and training companies are facing challenging times. It’s clear to thrive they need to [...]

Understanding the Real Structure within Your Organization

Strategy is enacted not by mandate, but by how resources are allocated. Bill Ives suggests leaders need to understand the actual structure of organizations. Organizational structure and information flow is often not what appears in formal policies and org charts. While organizations may not be very adaptive, people are…and people will find ways to address [...]

Corporate Learning Trends & Innovations 08 agenda

Like Jay Cross, I’m looking biased and forward to our upcoming online conference on corporate learning trends and innovations. Jay has compiled an agenda for a quick overview of topics and speakers. Should be a great event! Sign up here.