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Category Archives: Connectivism

web 3.0/xWeb

In PLENK2010, there has been some great activity on week 3 discussion of the extended web (xweb). I’ve posted on this on the connectivism site. During a live session in Elluminate, Janet Clarey used my definition (“xWeb is the utilization of smart, structured data drawn from our physical and virtual interactions and identities to extend [...]

Networked Learning

In a post expressing ideas similar to Wendy Drexler’s Networked Student video, ed4wb contrasts education as traditionally conceived and as it might develop in the future. Several useful diagrams emphasize the type of control shift occurring in how learners access content and participate in conversations. I’ve been a bit bothered lately by how networked learning [...]

Analyzing the Obvious: Technological and Social Connections

I’ve been enjoying the delightful Australian weather and hospitality for the past week. Today, I presented at Learning Technologies 2008. My slides – Analyzing the Obvious: Technological and Social Connections have been posted. Richard Feynman, the legendary physicist and educator, used to state a concept most students first encounter in physics: everything is made of [...]