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Monthly Archives: November 2013

MOOCs and Emerging Educational Models: Policy, Practice, and Learning

We are now less than two weeks away from our MOOCs and Emerging Educational Models: Policy, Practice, and Learning conference. Registration is still open. The conference will showcase successful grantees from the MOOC Research Initiative, as well as numerous panels addressing challenges around planning, designing, and running MOOCs. The full schedule is now available.

Changing Schools, Changing Knowledge: The Agenda

I’ve had the privilege of being on Steve Paikin’s The Agenda several times over the last few years. Steve is an informed and provocative interviewer, one of the best I’ve encountered covering the education sector. Earlier this year, I had an opportunity spend time on Steve’s program talking about how changing knowledge needs and structures [...]

Invitation: MOOC Framework

Tomorrow (November 20), I’ll be hosting an online discussion on a MOOC Framework that I’ve been developing with a few colleagues. If you’re interested, more information is here. The Jam itself runs from 12:00 – 6:00 pm. Register here. The discussion agenda has also been posted.

The Failure of Udacity

Well, there it is folks. After two years of hype, breathless proclamations about how Udacity will transform higher education, Silicon Valley blindness to existing learning research, and numerous articles/interviews featuring Sebastian Thrun, Udacity has failed. No one did more of a disservice to MOOCs than Thrun through his wild proclamations (“we have found the magic [...]

Stop what you are doing. Watch this: The Avalanche that Hasn’t Happened

David Kernohan delivered an stunning presentation at the Open Education conference: The Avalanche that Hasn’t Happened. He provides a critical evaluation of the testing/evaluation narrative in education. It is the best take down that I have seen of the dominant trends of for-profit, testing, and deliverology (honestly, that’s a word) impacting education. This video (below) [...]

MOOCs: How did we get here?

I’m at the Open Education conference in Park City, Utah. The conference is now in its impressive 10th year. I did a presentation following Andrew Ng (Coursera). Slides and video are below. The focus is on my early experiences with MOOCs, their current state, and future directions (as well as some angst and hope). Open [...]

WISE Panel: Can MOOCs democratize higher education?

The recording from the Can MOOCs democratize higher education? panel at WISE is available here. Donald Clark shares his experience of the event as a whole, including our panel. One interesting take away from WISE13 was how much people still want a teacher. During the session, if a panelist desired applause, all that was required [...]

WISE: The world’s most important education conference

Education is constantly confronted with a dual threat: 1. Acknowledgement that it is a foundation for all human progress and able to lift regions and society out of poverty, 2. Public policy and investment that denies the value of education. When society faces a problem, whether racism, violence, or inequality, education is the first scapegoat [...]