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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Responding to the fragmentation of higher education

In early February, I had the pleasure of delivering a presentation to University of Victoria on the state of higher education and challenges of fragmentation. Thanks for Valerie Irvine and Jillianne Code from TIE Lab and the Faculty of Education for hosting me. Video and slides are embedded below. Slides from the talk: New Models [...]

Request: Partners and Pilot

Kuhn emphasized how most activity in science is evolutionary, operating within an existing framework. At a few rare points, anomalies arise that can no longer be addressed by existing frameworks and entirely new conceptions of a field arise. This model of change is relevant in education today. Other models developed by Perez (socio-techno-economic), Schumpeter (creative [...]

Negating the learner in the learning process

Yesterday, a Coursera course was closed after the first week of delivery. 40,000 students were left somewhat confused. I posted a few thoughts on this on our xeducation site. The interesting stuff is in the comments and that’s what I’d like to emphasize here. Sarah Pravitra states: Wish they could at least have left the [...]