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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Never teach alone

Teaching is a solitary profession. Obviously students are involved and social processes are needed for discussion on important topics, but the *act* of teaching is solitary. Part of my interest in open online courses is the prospect of the internet thinning classroom walls and reducing barriers to teaching and learning opportunities. Educators need to get [...]

MOOCs, Learning Points

Carol Edwards from BCIT recently shared a document detailing her experience participating in massive open online courses. She concludes: “Based on the Report Card generated above, MOOC’s are a failure, both as an educational product and as a business model.” I appreciate any critique of MOOCs. The value of critiques often rests in helping to [...]

Openness in Education

It’s a busy fall with open online courses. I’m involved in several, including Current State/Future of Education (non-credit). I’m also teaching an open online course with Rory McGreal on Openness in Education (if interested, register here). See the course schedule for more information on topics. We’re still getting content on the site posted, including finding [...]