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What does a disrupted education system look like?

A group of us (Clark Quinn, Jay Cross, Stephen Downes, Grainne Conole, Martin Weller, and numerous others) are in New Dehli this week at the EDGEx conference. The event is being streamed live. Some great resources on Indian education can be accessed here (bottom tab on left-side menu)

Slides from my presentation this morning are here:

One Comment

  1. The disrupted education system is the fruit of the development of Computing Tech., Information Tech., Communication Tech., Globalization, and the latest Humanism (comprising the following characteristics: Personal Socialism, Independence, Autonomy).

    Existentially, human education is open and unlimited in either method, scope, content, situation, or condition suitable with the essential characteristics of human. The latest development of technologies supports the actualization of this “existential” education, which is very humane.
    The disrupted education system is one kind and form of this “existential” education.

    The latest Humanism, which is very existential, also supports the emergence of this disrupted education system.

    Welcome The New Education!

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