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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Follow the Sun: Global online conference

In case you are urgently looking for opportunities to learn something online, have a look at the Follow the Sun online conference. Great group of keynote speakers. It’s open, free…sign up here.

Massive open online courses as new educative practice

Interest in open online courses – and startups see this as an opportunity to automate and scale education. In a recent interview by Tamar Lewin for NYTimes, I stated that while you could call Udacity, Coursera, and Codeacademy examples of MOOCs (Massive open online courses), they are largely instantiations of existing educational practices. Their primary [...]

The best learning of my life

I’m currently involved in three open online courses: Change, CCK12, and LAK12. Altogether, I’ve facilitated about a dozen of these courses, with about 15,000 participants being involved in various ways. Some participants, such as in the current CCK12 iteration, take the courses for credit. The vast majority do so for other reasons (and I’m not [...]

Rejected: On being disappointed, sorta

I’ve never really actively “looked for work”. In my late teens, my brother and I started a series of restaurants (we owned and operated seven in total). The hospitality field is very hard, however, on families and relationships as it consumes an enormous amount of time. Eventually, for a variety of reasons, I left the [...]

Openness: Why learners should know about, and influence, how decisions are made about their learning

Earlier this week, I delivered a presentation to TEDxEdmonton on why openness and learning analytics are critical for rethinking the future of education. The theme of the event was on open source culture and whether the promises of open source have been oversold. My argument is that openness has not been oversold and that increased [...]

Social networked learning in complex information environments

In mid-January I spent a wonderful day at American University learning about (and presenting on) the changing educational landscape, technology, and the practices and activities of learners. The slides from my presentation are below: Social Networked Learning