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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Emergent learning, connections, design for learning

IRRODL continues to solidify its reputation as the leading journal in the educational technology field that balances thoughtful research with very timely and relevant journal themes, as indicated by the latest special issue – Emergent Learning, Connections, Design for Learning. IRRODL seems to capture the zeitgeist of online learning more rapidly than others. Congrats to [...]

Complexity, Information, and Education

I’m in Rijeka, Croatia. It’s my first visit hear and it’s a beautiful country. The scenery is spectacular. Unfortunately, most of my time has been spent in a hotel room writing and getting caught up on email/work, etc. Wasn’t traveling fun *before* we could take our work with us?! I’ve uploaded the slides from my [...]

Starling Murmuration

Have a look at this video (a few static images kick off the video, but the fun stuff begins shortly after): Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo. I’m always looking for metaphors, models, and analogies that can tease out learning and knowledge, and the social connective actions that give rise to both. This week, [...]

7 Things you should know about MOOCs

EDUCAUSE publishes short papers on 7 things you should know about… that provide an overview of emerging topics and trends. Their most recent publication is on 7 things your should know about MOOCs (.pdf). From the paper: “But perhaps the most significant contribution is the MOOC’s potential to alter the relationship between learner and instructor [...]

Why #Occupy will fail

Anytime individuals get together to reclaim social justice and fairness or to empower themselves in the light of gross inequalities, I’m heartened and encouraged. I’ve been following the #Occupy movement with tremendous interest. The inequalities in society are increasing. The small % control the majority. The movement is now 6 weeks old, and with that [...]