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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Learning Analytics: Higher Education

Educational datamining and learning analytics are getting substantial attention in education. With learning analytics in particular, the term has come to mean anything and everything that involves data in learning. The term needs to be broken down so it can be meaningfully used. I’ve attached a presentation below that I’m delivering Monday to UNISA in [...]

The startups are circling education

The field of education (primary, secondary, higher) needs to embrace itself for an onslaught of technology startups. Where educators have failed, entrepreneurs see opportunity. Seb Schmoller points to an “educational technology startup” and comments: What interests me is whether Know Labs was already involved (or even there?) when the AI course was originally advertised, or [...]

Reminder: Learning and Knowledge Analytics 2012: Call for Papers

After a very successful conference on learning analytics in Banff, planning has begun for next year’s conference in Vancouver. The call for papers is out – due Oct 15. Key dates are also available.

The narrowness of thought in higher education reform

When I first started my phd, I wanted to research the future of higher education – what is changing in the world that will impact education. I spent a fair bit of looking at university models around the world, change pressures they were facing, and the (potentially significant) peripheral trends that had the potential to [...]