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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Learner self-organization in complex knowledge settings

I’m a fan of dichotomies, recognizing very well the weaknesses they hold. A dichotomy is a way of pinning points of thought. Hopefully, once these points have been pinned, we can start to explore the nuances and gradients that exist between these positions. Consider learning: it can be organized for us or we, as individuals, [...]

Call for Papers: Open Online Courses

This call for chapters for a text on open online courses (.doc), edited Rita Kop, Stephen Downes, George Siemens, might be of interest to readers. The two-page abstract of prospective chapters is due Oct 31, 2011.

Duplication theory of educational value

Higher education faces a value crisis. Value is a fuzzy concept. In theory, I can purchase a $3 steak that isn’t a good value. Or a $20 hamburger that is a great value. Similarly, I could purchase a house for $500k that was a great value pre-2008 and is suddenly a terrible value in 2011. [...]

Education at a glance: 2011

OECD has released the 2011 version of Education at a Glance. It’s available for free download. This is an outstanding resource – review and have handy the next time you’re in a conference and a keynote speaker drones on about educational change, relying on opinions rather than stats. Most of the hype and declarations about [...]

Stanford AI MOOC: let’s try transparency

Seb Schmoller has been following the Stanford AI course (now with over 225 000 registrants) closely and recently shared this link on whether the course is a launch point for a commercial venture. A company Know-Labs appears to be behind the course: Now this sounds more like an internet startup than a university experimenting with [...]

A Comparison of an Open Access University Press with Traditional Presses

In 2006 I published a book – Knowing Knowledge – (.pdf version for download here). I’ve never really tracked how many copies it has sold – a few thousand at best. I stopped tracking pdf downloads about two years ago as it was approaching 1 million (far, far less have actually read it, I’m sure). [...]

Audrey Watters is officially awesome

There are a few people in educational technology that serve a critical role for me in tracking trends and making sense of what’s happening. Stephen Downes is one such node. Audrey Watters is another. I assume most people in our field are familiar with Downes. Audrey has been in my Reader for about 18 months [...]

Open Online Courses

And, yet another presentation from UNISA, this one on open online courses: Open Online Courses

Coherence: Sensemaking and Wayfinding

I’m continuing my presentation marathon at UNISA. I’ve posted slides below from my session today on Sensemaking and Wayfinding: Sensemaking and Wayfinding

Information foraging and social networks

If educators want to move away from broadcast models of teaching, the obvious questions arises “how are we supposed to teach and how will students learn?”. One particularly valuable benefit of traditional design and teaching models is the creation of a central platform or cohesive view of knowledge in a particular domain. We need some [...]