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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Stephen Downes: ebook on openness

Stephen Downes, partly in response to Anya Kamenetz DIY U report and her critique of the readability of his works by the general public (“I’ve never read anything you’ve written (and yes, I’ve read plenty of your writing) that would be particularly useful, comprehensible or interesting to a bright 19 year old like Weezie, much [...]

Alan Levine has a story box

Alan Levine has a habit of being ahead of the curve on technology and how to use technology for connecting with people. This isn’t terribly surprising, considering his work on NMC’s Horizon Report. Right now, Alan is in the middle of a cross-Canada/US tour, connecting with friends and colleagues, many who he has met online. [...]

Stanford University does a MOOC

I love this! Stanford University Artificial Intelligence is being offered as an open online course. I’ve been involved in numerous massive open online courses (MOOCs) – they’ve been wonderful personal learning experiences. MOOCs are great opportunities to connect with colleagues from around the world and develop a broad understanding of topics from diverse perspectives. Our [...]