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Connectivism: Special IRRODL issue

Sometime last year, Grainne Conole and I managed to convince Terry Anderson to issue a call for papers for a special IRRODL issue on connectivism. IRRODL is one of the most cited (if not the most cited) journals in educational technology – largely due to the open format of the journal and the efforts of Terry as editor and the behind the scenes work of Brigette McConkey as managing editor.

Today, we’re pleased to announce the publication of the IRRODL Connectivism special issue. From our editorial:

This special issue of IRRODL provides an opportunity to step back and reflect on how these dramatic social and technological changes impact education. In 2004, connectivism was presented as a new theory of learning that addresses learning in complex, social, networked environments. Since that time, numerous articles, open online courses, and online conferences have explored connectivism’s application in education. As articles in this issue reflect, sharp criticism and support have been offered. We hope this issue will help to advance the discussion, to clarify areas of needed research, and to contribute to ongoing debate about the influence of the Internet on teaching and learning.