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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Social and connective lock-in

If you’ve been involved in the open Connectivism and Connective Knowledge courses, you’ve likely heard Stephen and I rant on some variation of “the knowledge is in the connections” or “the knowledge is the connections”. This principle applies not only to knowledge growth, but also to organizational value networks, social networks, underpins the concept of [...]

FutureLearn: now public

I mentioned my interest in a new initiative late last year to explore entrepreneurial and startup activities that are contributing to innovation in education. After a few months of meetings, site design, and pulling together a team of writers and contributors, I’m happing to announce the FutureLearn site. From the site: “Dramatic change in education, [...]

Strata Conference Wrap Up: Big Data, Big Opportunities

In early February, I attended the Strata Conference in Santa Clara. I’ve had a bit of trouble carving out time to write concluding thoughts about the event (time deficiency is mainly due to last minutes activities related to our Learning and Knowledge Analytics Conference) . Overall, it was a good conference and one that serves [...]

Presentations I’ve recently enjoyed watching

The number of lectures and presentations freely available online provide great opportunities for professional development. Here are a few I’ve recently enjoyed: Hub DE summit Sydney Learning analytics, soft and hard Learning Analytics: Notes on the Future The Future of Learning …and of course the records from the Learning and Knowledge Analytics open course…as well [...]

What have you done Watson?

Humanity’s solid thumping at the hands of Watson has produced an interesting mix of fear/loathing/meh responses. I think it’s significant, primarily because it represents an advance in natural language interaction with databases. After all, Google can answer “what is” and “who is” questions far better than most people can. Data and facts aren’t very complex [...]

Strata Conference: a few reflections on Day 1

I’m at the Strata Conference this week. It’s the first conference I’ve intended in years where I don’t have to speak or do anything except listen and learn. Yesterday, after fortunately meeting up with David Wiley, I spent the day in a “data bootcamp“. Slides, code, and data sources are available on github. This was [...]