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Restructuring budgets for social learning

Late 2010, I finally had the opportunity to meet Dan Pontefract when he joined us for a discussion on elearning in Edmonton. He is active in corporate learning (Telus) and has been able to do what most training and development leaders only dream of: restructure budgets in order to allocate resources for effective (rather than established) learning activities. Most learning and development directors recognize the importance of social learning…but lip service far exceeds focused commitment. If change is to happen – in higher education, schools, businesses – changing where and how resources are allocated will be a critical step.

In his article Learning with and from others: Restructuring budgets for social learning, provides some guidelines for organizations to consider in implementing social learning. From the article: “If the revised learning function is going to begin including social learning as part of the compendium of learning offerings that enables employee development and increased productivity, there is an obvious requirement not only for social learning leadership, but for budget investment.”