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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Learning Analytics & Knowledge: Draft Syllabus

Numerous open courses are kicking off in 2011. I’m involved in two: Learning and Knowledge Analytics (LAK11) and the third iteration of Connectivism and Connective Knowledge (CCK11 – with Stephen Downes). I’ve posted the draft syllabus of LAK11 here. Since we make everything else in these courses open, it makes sense that we share our [...]

What we’re doing here folks is research

When I’ve presented on open online courses in the past, often one of the first questions that an audience member asks is some form of “how does this make sense financially”. I imagine Stephen, Alec, Dave, and others likely have a similar experience. I believe this is a misplaced question and one that we can’t [...]

Announcing Open Course: Learning & Knowledge Analytics

A number of open courses will be offered early 2011 (CCK11, PLEs, Digital Storytelling). Which is great! (and, my new maxim for open online courses is “never teach alone – grow network competence by co-teaching”). Adding to the mix, we’re (Jon Dron, Dave Cormier, Tanya Elias, and I) happy to announce an open course on [...]

Social networked learning: research seminar

In June, 2010, Terry Anderson and I, along with TEKRI researchers and a few visiting guests, hosted a doctoral research seminar on social networked learning. The event offered a great opportunity for sharing research and engaging in discussions around the future role of social networked learning. This year, we (TEKRI: Terry Anderson, Jon Dron, and [...]

Activity Steams: Splicing information and social relations

Whenever a new technology a) changes how we access, create, and share information or b) changes how we connect and interact with each other, there are educational implications to consider. Blogs, open access journals, social network software, wikis, ebooks, Skype, “the cloud”, Google Scholar, and YouTube are a few examples of how information and social [...]

What’s wrong with (M)OOCs?

When Stephen Downes and I ran Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2008, the term MOOCs (massive open online course) was coined – by Dave Cormier and Bryan Alexander – to describe open online courses with fairly high registration numbers. Open online conference that we were offering at University of Manitoba, and courses offered by David Wiley [...]

Connectivism thought-experiment: request for feedback

I’m grappling (suffering, really) with a thought experiment to describe connectivism. I’ve posted my thought experiment on social networked learning. If you have time, I’d appreciate comments/feedback/extensions…

Connections, Clouds, Things & Analytics

I had the privilege of presenting to the Caledonian Academy yesterday at Glasgow Caledonian University on Connections, Clouds, Things & Analytics. Slides are below, the recording is available here. It was wonderful to connect (again) with Allison Littlejohn, Anoush Margaryan, Colin Milligan, and others. Their institute has the buzz, energy, and feel that are often [...]

On Multiplying Insanity

It’s great to see that Jim Groom is going to be offering an open online course: “I’m pretty excited about that, and as much as I talk all sorts of smack about edtech and online learning, this will be my first foray teaching an entirely online course. I’m a bit nervous, but at the same [...]

Education and the social web

Norm Friesen has a new article in First Monday on Education and the Social Web. The article addresses concerns about the growing reliance on “web 2.0″ tools – driven by advertising – on education. This concern has been highlighted by numerous bloggers over the last several years (I’ve whined about this as well – i.e. [...]