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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Changes with publishers

When I was at University of Manitoba, I’d periodically attend presentations by textbook publishers on the fun exciting things they were planning for students and educators. Not surprisingly, the main sales pipeline for publishers is through faculty. Make a faculty member’s life easier and you have a good chance for a sale. Back in early [...]

Dangerous Data

A link to Wikipedia in an academic article is often frowned on (I do it when I’m reviewing an article unless the topic is one that doesn’t yet have an established research base). Earlier this year, in Dangerous Data, Jean-Claude Bradley argues that the real issue isn’t with Wikipedia – it’s with the role of [...]

Giving you control

Facebook made a few significant announcements today: allowing users to download data from the system and (more importantly in terms of impact for learning/education) allowing the formation of groups. The addition of groups isn’t new in social networking sites – it has been an option for Linkedin and Elgg users for quite a while. Of [...]

Complex knowledge and personal learning environments

I delivered a presentation today to PLENK2010 on Complex Knowledge, Learning Theory, and Personal Learning Environments/Networks (recording is available). I tried to communicate how complex problems that involve distributed knowledge (solving problems facing society or, more personally, learning how to play guitar or participate in an open course) require a networked theory of learning. The [...]