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Growth of Mobiles

Is anyone really surprised at reports that show staggering growth of the mobile web? My office in Edmonton is close to the Alberta Legislature Building. Periodically, when the weather was nicer, I would stroll down to the Legislature to indulge in high-quality hotdog vendor food. The one common site was people staring into their phones. A few people could be found sitting under a tree reading a paper book. But the majority were on their mobiles (except for the kids in the pool). Mobile-centric lives, at least in North America, started with BlackBerry, and has since been amplified by the iPhone and Android devices. It’s only been a few years…and I’m already more attached to my mobile than my laptop.

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  1. Raj Boora wrote:

    I can certainly support that observation. I do far more on my phone now than I ever did when I hauled my laptop around and now (shockingly) my wife will be getting an iPad before me (her BB just doesn’t do what she needs in the classroom as well as out and about).

    When I was just out at lunch today, I noticed the “head lowered” ratio was much higher, so I did a quick poll. There were walkers, runners and sitters out on the Legislature grounds.

    Runners – 8 total – were split in their use of mobile tech (a few music players, a few GPS, the rest nothing). Sitters – 12ish – , mostly on the south side of the legislature were almost all reading, and I would say only a handful were books, most were iPads or eReaders. Walkers – 20ish – only four were not head forward staring at a screen.

    Part of this move, I think it so that we can “get more done”, but the other part, I think is to connect socially with others – Other than myself, I didn’t see anyone else walking on their own, they were all interacting. Those with devices were sharing screens. It seems that these mobile devices are very effective tools to personalize any space one finds themselves in – from spartan offices to leaf littered green lawns overlooking the river.

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