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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Online Learning and Traditional Universities

An interesting debate is unfolding in the University of California. UC is striving to be “the nation’s first top-tier research institution to offer a bachelor’s degree over the Internet comparable in quality to its prestigious campus program”. But, not surprisingly, some faculty and students find the move to online education unsatisfying and beneath their lofty [...]

Moving social networked learning forward

I’ve mentioned Athabasca University’s Landing previously. The Landing is a social network (based on Elgg) that we’ve deployed to increase social connectedness at Athabasca. I’ve posted a few thoughts on what needs to be done to move social networked learning forward.

Well Played, Blackboard

While Blackboard is unable to write a press release that includes clear statements like “we have purchased these companies”, I have to give the company credit for the acquisition of Elluminate (and Wimba). With increased competition and general maturity of the market, Blackboard made what is likely its most important acquisition to date. Here’s why. [...]

How not to do a press release

I just received an email saying that Blackboard, Wimba, and Elluminate were forming some type of union. The message is practically useless – did BB buy Elluminate? Did they just decide to work on integration? If you’re going to announce something, speak in the language of your readers not your company. I don’t care if [...]

Data Overlay

Augmented reality, not surprisingly, blends the virtual and the physical world (throw in the internet of things and suddenly the physical world becomes a canvas for digital graffiti). Foursquare has launched a new layers service that would allow organizations to add an interpretive layer to buildings and locations. Consider a history student visiting Fort Edmonton [...]

Elluminate vs. Networked Learning Conference

Disclaimer: I am an Elluminate Community Partner. Which means that I may be slightly biased . On Friday, Jenny, Roy, and John presented their research paper on the Ideals and Reality of Participating in a Massively Open Online Course (.pdf). The paper was delivered at the Networked Learning Conference in May. The recording of the [...]

Visualization: suggestions and twitter hashtags

Information in networks often reflects the silo structure of hierarchies. In theory , networks are conducive to information flow. In reality, social networks are often bounded by the views, opinions, and beliefs of the network. Which means that information will flow well through the nodes within a particular small world, information that challenges the views [...]

Open University: 20 million iTunes downloads

The Open University in UK has hit 20 million downloads on iTunes. Impressive. But what has been the impact? Has iTunes been “good” for OU? How could that question even be answered? For individual learners, I assume iTunes lectures/resources have been helpful for learning. But who are these learners? Are they enrolled at OU? Or [...]