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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Data, Data Everywhere

This article has been an open tab on my browser for a few months (tabs are just another way to store massive amounts of information that I’ll likely never get to): Data, Data Everywhere: All these examples tell the same story: that the world contains an unimaginably vast amount of digital information which is getting [...]

An open standard for video calls

The mobile space is experiencing unprecedented competition, and as a consequence, innovation. Apple, Google’s Android, now HP/Palm Pre, RIM, and far, far in the rear, we see visions of Microsoft, are rapidly increasing the functionality of mobile devices. I’m almost at the threshold where I would rather go without my laptop than my mobile. New [...]

The Return on Peer Review

Martin Weller – a long time advocate for openness in education, demonstrating through practice rather than hype – discusses the return on peer review: Peer-review is one of the great unseen tasks performed by academics. Most of us do some, for no particular reward, but out of a sense of duty towards the overall quality [...]

Knowledge coherence in information fragmentation

I’m currently in Valencia at the European Distance and Elearning Network. I will be delivering a keynote on Knowledge Coherence in Fragmented Information Ecologies. Slides are here.

Critical Literacies Course Starting, Future of Education Course winding down

The Critical Literacy online open course is now entering week 2. Stephen Downes has a great article on Patterns of Change – the current topic. Still lots of time to jump in! (I signed up when the course was first announced, but can’t seem to find a signup link on the site). While the Critical [...]

Does the internet make you dumber/smarter?

WSJ has two duelling articles on whether the internet makes us dumber (Carr) or smarter (Shirky). The argument Carr makes is that we are turning into shallow thinkers, while Shirky’s argument is one of linking current changes in information to previous revolutions in literacy and information access. Carr focuses on present research. Shirky asks us [...]

New Issue: in education

Alec Couros recently posted that the second issue of in education (he has edited the last two online editions, but the journal itself has been around since 1993) is now available. Articles cover open education, professional development, scholarship, and new technologies. An article that I authored with Kathleen Matheos on Systemic Changes in Higher Education [...]