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Knowledge and Institutions

Stian Haklev shares a good talk on Viewing Open Education from the Perspectives of Knowledge Building and Connectivism. He raises important questions about different structures for learning and knowledge growth (building). While his focus is mostly on learning and networks – citing P2PU, CCK08/09, EdFutures, Wiley’s open education course – I found his discussion about the social dimensions most interesting (for some reason, I had Iron Maiden’s Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner going through my head as I listened to his comments on the loneliness of bloggers – maybe that should be the theme song for new bloggers). Given the social opportunities around new media, if students are feeling isolated, rather than connected, something isn’t working properly (design? teaching? learner skills?). As Stian notes, we are still at the beginning stages of making sense of new technology, cognition, socialization, and learning.